How to make a narrow cutting board.

Wait, what is a narrow cutting board?

It is a selfmade appliance that I use to cut of the extra allowance after stitching. Simply wrap the upper around the cutting board for easy access. I also use it to punch holes for eyelets in spaces and locations that are difficult to reach.

So, let’s get started.

We have all experienced that after a while cutting boards get worn out, especially in the midsection.

But the quality of the edges is often as good as new.

Here is a tutorial to turn those edges into this useful appliance.

In this example I have used a bar of wood approximately 70x6x4 cm.

step 1: mark the width of the wooden bar onto the edge of the cutting board

Step 2: saw off the marked edge.

Step 3: roughen the surface of the wooden bar and also the underside of the cutting board.

Step4: glue the cutting board onto the wooden bar with an expanding glue to make sure it’s attached really well. Let it set until the glue is cured.

Step 5: sand the edges of the cutting board as well as the rest of the wooden bar and make sure the edges are smooth.

Step 6: the narrow cutting board can easily be attached onto your workstation by using a clamp.

The narrow cutting board is part of my interchangeable workstation.

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